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HSS Circular saw blade 


  The circular Saw Blade made by HSS steel, processed by advanced machining with the highest temperature treatment.  The high speed steel Circular Saw Blade is suitable for cutting the steel tube , iron pipe, aluminum pipe, square steel , stainless steel and etc. (thinner and smaller tooth is suitable for processing or cutting of steel and casting iron , or to make the shallow ditch; the thicker and bigger tooth is used for processing or cutting of the aluminum, copper products and to make the deeper ditch.)

  Besides the general saw blade, there are two kinds of professional saw blades which made by different materials:

  The titanium plated saw blade - this kind of saw blade can be more tolerance and excellence to improve the speed of cutting effectively , reduce the working wastage.

  Black saw blade (nitrogen treatment)- surface of the balde is treated by nitrogen and formed Fe304 security, improve the saw effectively, and the rub-proof. increase saw service life , suitable for cutting the general material .



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